AlmullaGroup of companies is a well-known and dominant UAE owned company. AlmullaGroup of companies particularly takes part in Construction, engineering, trading, commercial and real estate

The Almullagroup is supported by four vital objectives

Pioneering Leadership
Operational Excellence
Advanced Business Relationships
Energetic Workforce

It is our aim to provide a structure through which the most innovative professional companies in the world could be approachable to the development needs of Almullagroup. Since its origination in 1889 Group has concentrated on the development of its human and capital resources, in line with the firm social and economic policies and clear vision of the government of UAE. Our success can be accredited to our strong commitment to excellence and to a dedicated staff who are determined to provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.
Almullagroup has always been a pioneer and a leader within the business community in the UAE. With a carefully planned and actively implemented diversification approach we have capitalized upon the UAE advantageous economic conditions and the government’s support for the private sector, to harness new and auspicious chances.
Almullagroup Began investing in the trading, construction nearly decades ago. Our strategic track indicated our entry into capital intensive real estate, construction and trading projects in the early 1889. These continue to provide rewarding growth opportunities.

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